Albuquerque Weight Loss Center

Albuquerque Weight Loss Center

Reeve Medical, an Albuquerque Weight Loss Center, is the partner you need to finally achieve your weight loss goals. Losing weight is not always easy for everyone. It takes hard work and commitment. Sometimes, it means a total makeover of your lifestyle. There’s no need to do it alone! We have a few tips to get you started on your journey for a healthier, more confident YOU.

Calorie Burning Tips to get started from your Albuquerque Weight Loss Center:

Walking from Room to Room – 136/hr
Vacuuming – 240
Dusting – 102
Mopping – 224
Scrubbing Floors – 190
Cleaning Windows – 250
Ironing – 115
Washing Dishes – 88
Painting – 290
Gardening, Weeding – 250
Mowing – 325
Car Washing – 234
Washing Pets – 200
Folding Laundry – 120
Carrying Heavy Boxes/Furniture – 544
Walking Up & Down Stairs – 515

*Avg body weight 150 lbs. / Activity per hour

Achieving a healthy body weight isn’t just about looking your best – it’s also about feeling your best. We at Reeve Medical understand there is no ‘ideal’ weight; it is different for everyone. Let us customize a plan to help you meet your individual weight-loss goals.

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