Weight Loss Motivation

Weight Loss Motivation

Do you need a little Weight Loss Motivation? Getting motivated to start a diet and exercising can often be the hardest part of the diet. We have a few tips to get you started!

  1. Decide why you want to lose weight: Is it to look better in your clothes, to feel better about yourself, to have more energy? Whatever your reason, it’s important to assess why you are making this change.
  2. Set goals for yourself: Setting a goal to “lose weight” is not specific enough. You need a clear and achievable goal like “lose 5 lbs. in 5 weeks.” Also, write down how you will achieve your goal. Will you change something specific in your diet or will you be going to the gym? Be as specific as possible.
  3. Create visual goals: Having a visual cue is a great way to stay motivated! Have a dress you want to fit back into? Hang it outside of your closet for a reminder!
  4. Create a morning mantra: Write a motivation mantra that you will read every morning. Write it as though your goal has already been achieved. This little trick will give you all those good feelings of achieving your goal!

Need a little more help in your weight loss journey? Reeve Medical is the partner you need to finally achieve your weight loss goals. Call us today 505.294.4444 to schedule your free initial medical consultation at which time we will obtain your medical history, perform a brief physical examination, and discuss the potential need for any laboratory tests before proceeding with your customized treatment plan.

Individual weight loss plans will be determined by age, medical history, extent of overweight status, tolerance to medication, and ability to increase physical activity levels. These plans may include dietary therapy, physical therapy, behavior therapy, and pharmacotherapy.

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